1. To be quiet/shut up: Callarse
  2. To behave: Portarse bien
  3. To brush: Cepillarse
  4. To comb: Peinarse
  5. To complain about: Quejarse de
  6. To dry (oneself): Secarse
  7. To eat breakfast: Desayunarse
  8. To fall asleep: Dormirse
  9. To fall down: Caerse
  10. To get along with: Llevarse bien con
  11. To get dresses: Vestirse
  12. To get ready: Arreglarse
  13. To get ready/prepare oneself: Prepararse
  14. To get up: Levantarse
  15. To get your hair cut: Cortarse el pelo
  16. To go away: Irse a
  17. To go to bed: Acostarse
  18. To hurry up: Darse prisa
  19. To look at oneself in the mirror: Mirarse en el espejo
  20. To make a mistake: Equivocarse
  21. To make fun of: Burlarse de
  22. To marry/get married with: Casarse con
  23. To meet with: Reunirse con
  24. To misbehave: Portarse mal
  25. To not get along with: Llevarse mal con
  26. To paint your nail: Pintarse las uñas
  27. To put on: Ponerse
  28. To put on makeup: Maquillarse
  29. To put on makeup/paint oneself: Pintarse
  30. To realize: Darse cuenta de
  31. To shave: Afeitarse
  32. To sit down: Sentarse
  33. To stay: Quedarse
  34. To take a bath: Bañarse
  35. To take a shower: Ducharse
  36. To take away: Llevarse
  1. To take off: Quitarse
  2. To try on: Probarse
  3. To wake up: Despertarse
  4. To wash (oneself): Lavarse

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  6. Me los descargo para compartir con los niños porque seguro que aprendemos mucho con estos verbos reflexivos, gracias!


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