1. anvil - is a heavy metal block on which, mainly, metal things are hammered.
2. ax - is a tool with a wooden handle and steel blade use for cutting, chopping, hewing and cleaving wood.
3. awl - is an instrument with a wooden handle and a thin sharp metal point we use for piercing small holes in leather, wood, or paper.
4. brace - is an instrument we use for drilling. It has a socket which helps to hold the tool and a cranked handle used to turn the drill.
5. c-clamp - is a c-shaped tool with a screw used for holding things together.
6. caulking gun - is a hand instrument used for extruding caulking material, sealant, silicone caulk, latex, butyl rubber caulk, etc.
7. chisel - is a tool with a handle and a long, flat metal blade wich has a sharp edge used for cutting or shaping wood, stone by stiking the handle with a hammer or mallet.
8. coping saw - is a hand tool with a handle and a U -shaped frame used for cutting curves in wood.
9. cutting torch - ia an instrument to preheat and cut metal.
10. diagonal cutting pliers - has two cutting edges and designed for cutting wire.
11. duct tape - is an adhesive tape we use for covering holes or cracks or other repair jobs.
12. end cutting pliers - are used for cutting nails, wires or rivets.
13. file - is a metal, long, narrow hand tool for smoothing metal or wood surfaces. 
14. glass cutter - people use for cutting glass.
15. hacksaw - is a frame with a narrow, fine-toothed blade fixed in it, used for cutting metal.
16. hammer - has a wooden handle and a metal head, used for driving nails or hitting metals or different things. 
17. hand drill - is a hand-operated drill used for making holes in metal or wood.
18. handsaw - is a hand-operated saw used for cutting wood.
19. ladder - a piece of equipment used for climbing up and down.
20. level - is a tool of a sealed glass tube with liquid and an air bubble used for adjusting something to a horizontal surface.
21. mallet - a hammerlike hanf tool with a rawhide, wooden or plastic head used for striking a surface or for driving different instruments with a plastic or wooden handle.
22. masking tape - is an adhesive tape for temporary use to protect surfaces when painting.
23. measuring tape - a long, metal, tape used for measuring things.
24. monkey wrench - is a wrench that can be adjustable to different sizes.
25. needle nose pliers - are pliers with long, narrow jaws used for holding thin or small things.
26. paintbrush - is an instument for applying paint.
27. electrical tester - we use for safe, accurate, and easy way to detect the absence or presence of an AC (alternating current).
28. crowbar - is a flattened and slightly bent steel bar we use as a lever.

1. bolt cutters
2. brick chisel
3. bucket
4. cold chisel
5. die
6. dust mask
7. float
8. snap ring pliers
9. locking pliers
10. mixer
11. paint roller
12. paint roller cover
13. paint tray
14. pegboard
15. pickaxe
16. pincers
17. pipe cutter
18. pipe wrench
19. plane
20. pliers
21. punch
22. putty knife
23. rasp
24. rivet gun
25. round-nose pliers
26. respirator
27. electrical tester
28. brick hammer

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